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Women’s plight in the time of Mussolini inspires novel


Italian-American Herald

A historical novel that highlights stories of women under Mussolini’s fascist rule leading into the collapse of Italy and World War II is set for release on March 8, International Women’s Day.

Author Jennifer Anton spent 14 years researching her debut novel, “Under the Light of the Italian Moon,” which is inspired by the lives of her female ancestors in Italy who lived under Mussolini’s rule and held midwife roles which were specifically impacted by the policies put in place by the fascist leader. Mussolini’s policies included outlawing the communication of contraceptive education and abortions, encouraging births for the country and diminishing women’s roles to childbearing for the fatherland.

This topic is little covered in historical fiction today.

The novel tells the story of Nina Argenta, the daughter of a strong-willed midwife who falls for a local boy emigrating to America. As Mussolini’s fascists and Hitler’s Nazis threaten to destroy their love forever, she must learn to survive and face a war alone. It is a tribute to women and puts the reader inside the heads of the rural women, during the progression of the dictator and climax of the war and Nazi atrocities.

Look for the book at online booksellers or contact the author at jenniferanton@hotmail.com

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