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War in Ukraine could accelerate transition to sustainable energy



ROME – Aurelio Regina, the Energy Delegate for Italian industrial confederation Confindustria, has said that the war in Ukraine has likely to speed up moves to make the energy sector more sustainable during an event at Expo 2020 in Dubai.
“This war will probably accelerate the energy transition,” Regina told an event titled “The Global Need to Save Energy” organized by the Italian Trade Agency at the Italy Pavilion.

“Now everyone is convinced that we must be more autonomous and less dependent on Russian supplies, and not just those ones,” Regina said. “Let’s not forget that we had a similar situation with the Libya crisis. We must project ourselves towards the future and we must plan a new way of producing and consuming energy.

“If Italian consumers want to help Ukraine, they should probably save energy because, if we save the billions of (cubic meters) of gas that we take from Russia, we will probably make a big contribution for our friends in Ukraine. It is important to use new technologies and it is also important for industry to change the productive process. But as consumers we can also make a contribution by reducing consumption.”

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