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Visiting this winter? Bring ice skates



Winter sports in “sunny Italy” are not limited to the Alps. While snow is an extremely rare occurrence in Rome, Italian weather experts are forecasting a pretty nippy winter, especially considering the wind factor.
Visitors to Rome during the Christmas season won’t find it anything like an Alpine resort, but ice-skating aficionados can find many ice-skating rinks. One of the most visited skating rinks is situated near the Castel Sant’Angelo at Piazza Adriana. It is named Grizing Village. There are a few other outdoor ice-skating rinks, including one conveniently positioned between the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber River.

While visiting, don’t forget to explore the Christmas Market with its holiday lights, magic atmosphere, delicious food, sweets and hot wine. Other places with skating rinks are located a bit farther from the center such as “Ice Park” at Piazza Re di Roma and a larger one near “Sottozero” and the Auditorium Parco della Musica. All three are open from the start of December until February.

Despite the famed Mediterranean sun still appearing throughout the Christmas season allowing visitors to enjoy all the city has to offer, a long coat, gloves and a scarf are necessary.

Have fun on the ice and don’t let winter stop you from enjoying a winter visit to Rome.*

*Visitors traveling from outside Italy should inquire about Covid traveling guide-lines before finalizing trip plans.

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