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Vatican Museums director concerned about security of Ukrainian artwork



ROME – The director of the Vatican Museums, Barbara Jatta, has expressed concern for Ukraine’s artistic heritage.

“I am in contact with Ukrainian colleagues and I am concerned for artwork in that country, as we are for the artistic heritage in all situations of conflict and natural calam-ities,” she said. “Honestly, however, I am much more concerned for people right now.”

The director was speaking at the preview of the show “La Passione. Arte italiana del
‘900 dai Musei Vaticani. Da Manzù a Gattuso, da Casorati a Carrà.” (Passion. Italian art of the 1900s from the Vatican Museums. From Manzù to Gattuso, from Casorati to Carrà.)

“The only Ukrainian art we have at the Vatican Museums is an icon donated to John Paul II during his visit to the country”, she added. “It is an ancient icon, extremely ruined, which is very emblematic of the suffering endured by this population at the moment.”

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