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Una stagione di gratitudine – a season of gratitude


By Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara

Ciao cari lettori (Chow ka-ree let-tory) (Hello dear readers) This month is a time to think about all we can be grateful for and a time to prepare for the cold winter months. Here in the United States, we celebrate Il Giorno di Ringraziamento (Thanksgiving) as family and friends gather to celebrate and give thanks. I have a lot to be grateful for and I try to express that every day of the year by being a good girl, wagging my tail, trying not to cause to much trouble and giving lots of kisses!

In Italy, the expression for “I am grateful” is sono grato/a per (sew-no gra-toe pear) or also ringrazio (reen-gra-z-o). If you are a boy or man, you use grato, and a girl or woman would use grata. So, what am I grateful for? Tanto! (Tan-toe) so much!

Ringrazio mamma for giving me a wonderful home and that later when she married papà that he loved me so much too! Sono grata per nonna e nonno who take care of me when mamma e papà are not around and love me so much too!

I live in a house that is safe and warm and I have lots of giocattoli (joe-ca-toe-lee) toys. Sono grata per il veterinario (eel vet-er-een-air-e-o) who takes such good care of me and keeps me healthy.

I have food every day and delicious snacks! Quando ero piccola (Kwan-doe air-o pea-ko-la) I was allowed to eat pizza and other special foods but now I just have my special snacks and yogurt. Ma va bene (ma va-ben-a) but that is OK because I need to be healthy.

I have several coperte morbide (ko-pear-tay mor-be-day) soft blankets where I can snuggle up and Tim, un amico speciale (oon ah-me-ko speech-al-a) a special friend who lets me curl up in his lap.

Sono grata per tutte le avventure (too-tay lay ah-vent-or-a) all the adventures I have had both here and when I lived in Italy. I visited so many special places, Roma, Venezia, Firenze, Siena, la Sicilia and many more! Since I moved here, I have visited many parchi (park-ee) parks where I can walk and go kayaking with mamma e papà. Ho tanti amici e famiglia che mi vogliono bene! Sono grata per tutto! (o tan-tee ah-mee-chee a fam-ee-yee-ah k me vol-yee-ah-no ben-a.) I have so many friends and family that love me, and I am grateful for everything I have!

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