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Un giorno di amore per Sara


By Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara

Sara loved living in Italy and has many special memories. One of them is the
first time she celebrated Il Giorno di San Valentino (eel jor-no dee sahn vah-len-teen-o) Valentine’s Day with with her fidanzato (fee-dahn-zah-toe) boyfriend, Birillo. Her mamma planned for her to have pranzo (prahn-zo) lunch with Birillo. He lived in the same palazzo (pah-lahz-zo) building with la padrona di casa (la-pah-dro-nah dee cah-za) the land lady. But, first Sarah and her mamma had to take nonna to the train station. Faceva freddo (fa-chay-va fraid-doe) it was cold, so mamma put on Sarah’s giacca viola (jah-cah-vee-o-lah) purple jacket. Mamma told Sarah to move along, “noi (noy) we don’t want nonna to miss il treno (eel tray-no) the train.” Quickly nonna, mamma, and Sara went down le scaline (lay scah-lee-nay) the steps and got into their nuova macchina verde (new-o-vah mah-key-nah vahr-day) new green car. When they arrived at the train station, Sarah and mamma said ciao (chow) good-bye to nonna. Then, they stopped by the edicola (ed-dee-co-lah) newsstand so mamma could buy her rivista preferita (ree-vee-stah pray-fair-ee-tah) favorite magazine Di piu.

Finalmente (fee-nahl-men-tay) finally, it was time to meet Birillo for pranzo. Chiara, la padrona di casa, had prepared una pizza speciale (oo-nah pete-zah spay-chi-ah-lay) a special pizza for Sara and Birillo. Quando (ku-ahn-doe) when Birillo and Sara si sono visti (see-so-no vee-stee) saw each other they rubbed nasi (nah-zee) noses. Cosi si baciano i cani (Co-zee see bah-cha-no ee cah-nee) that’s how dogs kiss. Chiara had il pranzo tutto pronto (il pran-zoe too-toe pron-toe) the lunch all ready. She called for them to come in the house and they rushed into la cucina (lah coo-chi-na) the kitchen. Before long their piccoli piatti azzurri (pee-co-lee pee-aht-tee ah-zoo-ree) were licked clean. Then mamma gave each one of them un dolce (oon dol-chay) a sweet treat.

Dopo (doe-poe) pranzo, after lunch it was time for a passeggiata (pas-a-ja-ta) walk. When they returned Sara was
tired so she said grazie (grah-zee-a) thank you and goodbye to Birillo and went upstairs to take un pisolino (oon pee-so-lee-no) a nap. When she woke up she was excited to find out that for cena (chay-na) dinner she was going to one of her favorite restaurants, La Luna Rossa (la lou-nah row-sah) the Red Moon with tutta la famiglia (too-ta la fa-me-ya) the whole family. È stato un bellissimo giorno di amore (a sta-toe oon bell-ee-see-mo gee-or-no dee ah-more-a) It was a beautiful day of love!

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