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They write because the spirit moves them


caputoBy Barbara Ann Zippi, Ciao Bella Living Italian Style

They sell out most every appearance across the country and worldwide, especially here in the Delaware Valley, and both are Italian Americans from Long Island, N.Y. 

Many summers ago, I attended a six-hour workshop, with about 20 men and women of all ages, at the Spiritualist Village in Lily Dale, N.Y. The instructor was an unknown psychic medium, John Edward. He told
us he was writing a book.

In the fall of 1998, he appeared on Larry King with “One Last Time” and opened the world to conversations about spirits, guides and loved ones who have passed.

Through years of spiritual development, fast-forward to 2014, when a last-minute phone call from Mary Romano, the best online ticket buyer I know, put my sister and I front0row center among 5,000 at Temple’s Liacouras Center to see Theresa Caputo, “Long Island Medium.”


Witnessing both of them, up close and personal, and believing in life after death, I write this review in hopes of helping those who have loved and lost. As we go through life, we all experience the loss of loved ones in our lives. For many of us, our religious and spiritual upbringing gives us peace and comfort. But don’t we always want more, “One Last Time” with them?  Caputo and Edward are not the first or last to “see, hear or feel” spirit, but they have brought this subject to our dinner tables. And, when conversation starts on this topic, many have their own private stories, rarely shared, on how loved ones have touched into their lives after they have passed. There is an internal peace in experiencing this.

Edward and Caputo have successfully entered the television arena and continue to share their message worldwide. Edward’s subsequent TV appearances on Larry King’s show prompted phone calls overloading the show’s switchboard, and the next year he had a show of his own, “Crossing Over” on Sci-Fi. Caputo’s books became instant New York Times Best Sellers and “Long Island Medium” became a reality show on TLC in 2012.

Through the stories of others in these books, you may come to understand signs in your life. Edward and Caputo are the first to tell you, everyone is psychic but with busy lives, we are unaware of how spirit touches in. Edward’s all-new chapter, written especially for the paperback edition, empowers readers to tune in to their own psychic abilities and understand signs of spiritual contact they may be experiencing every day without even knowing it. This was the topic of his workshop I attended many, many years ago.

Padre Pio who was said to have had the gift of reading souls, the ability to communicate with angels, and he attracted fame and legend, both good and bad. I’m blessed to know someone who received a Padre Pio Miracle, they shared St. Pio’s quote, “Every soul has a celestial being.” I think Theresa Caputo and John Edward are in good company.

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