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The Absence of Italian News in American Media


By Joe Cannavo

Italy has a new government that was only formed after much chaos and political maneuvering. For the better part of two months, it seemed the March election was going to be nullified and a new one would have to be held. Though I think that this is a most noteworthy news event, it seems not to have been deemed worthy of reasonable coverage by the mainstream American news media.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last time that the American news media has chosen not to give the proper coverage of important news events in Italy. This occurred in 2015 when Italy’s past President Giorgio Napolitano stepped down and once again a few days later when his successor Pietro Grasso was chosen, and then again when that same year Grasso was replaced by current President Sergio Matarella.

This stance by the American news media seems to indicate that Italy is a country of little significance and little importance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without question Italy has internal problems, but what nation doesn’t? However on the world stage, Italy is in the G7, has strong trade ties with the most powerful of economic nations across the globe, is home to many U.S. military bases, is the fourth-strongest economy in Europe and is a faithful ally of the U.S. In the meantime, a weakening France, and an increasingly isolated Britain, which can’t make up its mind to stay in the EU or respect the results of the Brexit vote, could even open the door for Italy to claim an even more important leadership role in Europe in the years to come. Yet, in the eyes of the mainstream American news media, Italy’s news events and role in world politics and economics are not news worthy and sadly may never be noteworthy. Fortunately in our region those of us who want to know what’s happening in Italy, either for reasons of heritage or because of an interest in Italy’s current news events, have the resources of a vibrant press and radio.

Though the Herald is only published monthly and local Italian-American broadcasts air only weekly, Italian Americans can rely on these services to bring you the news that the American news media writes off as unimportant. However, these services would not exist without the businesses that sponsor them. I urge our readers to keep this in mind as you read the Herald or hear the latest in culture, public service programming and music each Sunday morning. Be sure to patronize all these supporters. By doing so you assure that there will never be a “blackout” of the news and actuality that Italian Americans in the Delaware Valley want and deserve to know.

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