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Summer camp: Choose your favorite for summer fun


Darla and I are happy the weather is warming up because that means mamma and papà will take us camping again soon. We love splashing in the lake, sitting by a campfire at night with our humans and sleeping on our own air mattress in our tent. Mamma has told us about the time she went to a Girl Scout camp when she was little but she said now there are all kinds of camps to choose from. There are even fun camps for adults but we are here to tell you about the different types you could attend.

Many children attend campi sportivi (cahm-pea spor-tea-vee) sports camps where they can practice sports they already play or learn new ones. Some favorites offered are calcio (cal-cho) soccer, basketball, nuoto (new-o-toe) swimming and gymnastics. Other children may choose an arts-and-
crafts camp where they can learn pittura
(pea-tor-ah) painting, scultura (skull-tor-ah) sculpting, ceramica (chair-ah-me-ka) pottery and other arts.

Campers can spend time learning how to produce shows or learn to act in theater camps. If they enjoy ballando (bal-an-doe) dancing, they can choose a dance camp to learn new moves and show off their dance skills. Those who love adventure can go to outdoor adventure camps which offer exciting activities like escursionismo (es-kor-see-oh-knees-mo) hiking, arrampicata (ah-rahm-pea-ka-ta) rock climbing, kayaking and survival skills.

Kids who enjoy science or technology can attend camps which offer firsthand experience with different science projects, laboratori di codifica (lah-bor-ah-tor-e d co-dee-fee-ka) coding workshops and robotics. For those who love music this type of camp will offer instrument lessons, lezioni di canto (lets-zee-oh-knee d cahn-toe) singing lessons, band lessons and the chance to showcase what they have learned in live performances.

Most students are happy to have a break from school, but others want to get a head start on their learning before the next school year begins. Academic enrichment camps offer an opportunity to focus on specific subjects like math, language arts and other courses they may need help with.

Then there are specialty camps where kids can take lezioni di cucina ((lets-zee-oh-knee d coo-chee-na) cooking classes, learn photography techniques, sign up for golfing lessons and even surfing.

For children who want to just experience a fun and different activity that gives them a sense of independence there is nothing like a good old-fashioned overnight camp. They can enjoy simple activities like kayaking or swimming, campfire sing alongs, escursioni diurne o notturne (es-kor-see-oh-nay d-or-nay o no-tor-nay) daytime or nighttime hikes and storytelling. There are even language camps where you could start to learn another language!

Participating in any of these types of camps is a terrific way to improve or learn new skills and especially to make new friends. If you are going to a camp this summer, we hope you have so much fun! 

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