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Sara visita l’università di mamma


By Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara

E` maggio (It’s May) Finalmente mamma ha finito (finally mamma has finished) her annual spring cleaning. As she went around la casa (the house) rehanging frames she removed during her house-cleaning project, I saw her diploma from the American University of Rome. Mi viene in mente (Something comes to mind). Ricordo il giorno (I remember the day) I spent the day at the university where mamma attended classes.

I had already visited the elementary school where she was sometimes a substitute and I had so much fun that she decided to take me to her università (university) to spend the day. She was given permission to take me with her to class when she explained I was very piccola (small) and I was well behaved.

That day after la cena (dinner) mamma got everything ready for la prossima mattina (the next morning). “We have to catch the treno to Roma at 7:30,” she told me. I don’t mind. I’m looking forward to another exciting avventura (adventure). Quella mattina (that morning) the alarm went off at 6 o’clock. I was wide awake and full of excitement. However, Mamma had a little trouble getting up. When she finished getting ready, she ate una piccola colazione (a small breakfast) di cereale con latte (of cereal with milk) apple fruit juice, and I, my usual morning treat.
Mamma put on my quinzaglio (leash) and we headed to the train station. Il tempo era bello (the weather was nice). Mamma stopped by the edicola (newsstand) to say buon giorno (good day) to the owners, Anna and Armando. They are nice people who were always glad to see me. Then we headed to the platform to wait for il treno (the train). Mamma says, “I hope there’s a seat. This treno is usually very crowded.”

The treno arrived a few minutes late, and I stood on mamma’s lap and looked out the finestra (window) at all the pretty scenery. Even though it was primavera (springtime), there was still neve (snow) on the mountain tops. Some of the passengers knew me, and I liked when they made a fuss over me.

At the Stazione Termini train station in Roma, we still had to take two more buses. Wow! What a long trip. We finally got to the università. Mamma told me to be very quiet. I didn’t want her professore to get in trouble. Quietly we made our way to the classroom. Mamma put me down and all her classmates came over to pet me and say ciao. Then the class started so I sat quietly under the desk. It was much more serious than the elementary class that I visited, but I was just happy to be with mamma.

When we got home, mamma was happy that I didn’t get into trouble and ended the day by giving me a delicious doggie treat and some extra play time with my favorite giocattoli (toys)! Mamma graduated a year later and although I wasn’t allowed to go to her ceremony, we took a picture to remember that special day.

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