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Pups on the move: Planes, trains, and automobiles


We love to go everywhere with mamma and papà, but we know there are some places that won’t allow us. Here in the United States, we cannot go inside un ristorante (oon ree-store-an-tay) a restaurant, but most places allow us to sit with our “parents” in an outside dining area. We can’t go to il cinema (eel chin-a-ma) a movie theater but might be able to go an outdoor viewing. They do have dog-friendly spiagge (spee-ah-jay) beaches here in the United States, but many are still limitata (leem-e-ta-ta) restricted, and will only allow us to run and play at certain hours. We can’t go into supermarkets and most malls, but some smaller stores allow us to come in with leashes. Viaggiamo (Vee-a-geam-o) We travel mostly in the car, and we always wear safety belts. In the United States, dogs are allowed to travel on Amtrak but we must have a reserved seat and there are only a few pets allowed per train. Dogs and their carriers can’t be over 20 pounds except for service dogs, which are allowed on all forms of transportation.

In Italy dogs can ride on the trains and often do not have to pay for a ticket. Some dogs will need un biglietto (oon bee-yet-o) a ticket, and they may be required to have a muzzle. In Venice dogs are even allowed on the vaporetti! These are like taxis which travel the waterways. They must love chasing the pigeons in Piazza San Marco!

Rome’s public transit allows small- and medium-sized dogs to travel with a leash and una museruola (oon-a moo-sair-ola) a muzzle, or in a small carrier. They need a ticket and there are certain areas of the metro where they can ride and a limit to the number of dogs on a bus. Le regole sono diverse (lay reg-o-lay so-no dee-vair-say) the rules may be a bit different in each city. In the United States, dogs are allowed to ride the subways but must usually be in a carrier. In New York, pet parents are getting creativo (kray-a-tee-vo) creative, because many of them now carry their furry friends in backpacks or, if they are larger, in big shopping bags.

On some trips, such as on an airplane flight, dogs will be required to have their own passport and health card. Our big sister Sara flew many times from Italy to the United States and back and had to have these documents. Because Sara was small, mamma was able to take her on the plane in a carrier and she had to buy a ticket.

Dogs are also allowed to visit some historic sites in Italy including Pompeii and the Greek temples at Agrigento.

Many hotels and lodging now allow dogs both in Italy and the United States. We suggest you always call ahead to make sure we are welcome!

So, if you are traveling, we would love to come with you but if you can’t take us, please find someone to take care of us until you come home! Non ci abbandonare perche vi vogliamo bene. (Non chee abb-an-do-nar-a pair-k vee vol-lee-am-o ben-a). Don’t leave us because we love you very much!

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