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  • Natalie Pantaleo


Everything I needed to know about wine and how to make it, I’m still learning

My friend and I sat quietly in the classroom at the acclaimed Wine School of Philadelphia recently, trying to absorb everything our instructor, school founder...

Attention, ladies: Ever try your hand at winemaking? How about your feet?

You may recall the hilarious 1956 episode of “I Love Lucy” where the barefoot Lucy Ricardo is tasked with squashing grapes in a vat with...

In tribute to the month of love, we briefly turn our attention to cocktails and other potions

February got me thinking about, well, love, which got me thinking about falling in love, which got me thinking about the magic of it.  What...

Chaddsford aims to ‘demystify’ sweet wines in the Pennsylvania Fruit Belt

Tuscany, Bordeaux, Rioja, the Gold Coast, the Silverado Trail, the Pennsylvania Fruit Belt. Wait a minute. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Or does...

Wine questions? The answer may be right under your nose

If you’re a wine devotee, it’s likely you’ve sniffed your share of corks and have relied upon your olfactory senses for vetting many a bottle...

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