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  • Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara


Sagra del bico: Paying tribute to an ancient bread

Mamma and nonna are always on the lookout for a local sagra (sa-gra) food festival when they are searching for a new experience in Italia....

Giochi divertenti per l’estate

Summer’s here and I’m curious about quali giochi (which games) mamma and Zio Roberto played during their summers nella piccolo comune siciliano di Graniti (in...

Al Mare!

Italians love the beach and Italy offers plenty of beautiful beaches! Per i bambini (pair e bam-bee-knee) the children, it’s not just the mare rinfrescante...

Sara and her entertainment dream

Years ago, when I was a little pup, I tried to become an intrattenitore (in-tra-ten-e-tour-a) entertainer in Rome. You’ll find street artists at all the...

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