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  • Melissa Cannavo-Marino


Segni di primavera! Signs of spring!

(as told by Maverick Darla Cannavo) A few weeks ago, Mamma mentioned she saw signs of spring and that meant we could be outside più...

La gioia dell’inverno! The joy of winter!

By Melissa Cannavo-Marino as told by Maverick and Darla Noi sappiamo (noy sah-pea-ah-mo) we know that many people don’t like winter because in many places...

January reflections: Things we remember and hope for the year to come

By Melissa Cannavo Marino as told by Maverick and Darla Il Natale è arrivato e passato (eel Nah-tal-a a pah-sa-toe) Christmas has come and gone...

Music world bids farewell to ‘l’Italiano’ singer Toto Cutugno

MILAN – Italian recording artist and songwriter Toto Cutugno died on Aug. 22 at the age of 80 at the San Raffaele Hospital, where he...

La mia casa nuova

By Maverick Cannavo Non mi ricordo (non me ree-cord-oh) I don’t remember much of the weeks after I was born but I do remember when...

Benvenuto Maverick!

This month Sara would like to introduce you to her new baby brother Maverick. Anche lui (an-kay lou-e) was abbandonato (a ban-do-na-to) abandoned like she...

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