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  • Maverick & Darla


Il Natale è qui!

È Natale! It’s Christmas. This will be our second Christmas in our new home, and we are così eccitato (koh-zee eh-chee-ta-toe) so excited! We knew...

Mamma explains why Italians will pay to enjoy the beaches

Just a few days ago mamma was walking us and telling us how happy she was that l’estate (lay-sta-tay) summer is finally here. Nonna was...

Le parole d’estate – the words of summer

Both of us are very curious pups. Although non possiamo parlare (non po-see-amo par-lar-a) we can’t speak like humans, mamma knows that we love to...

Pups on the move: Planes, trains, and automobiles

We love to go everywhere with mamma and papà, but we know there are some places that won’t allow us. Here in the United States,...

Cosa c’è nel bosco? What’s in the woods?

Darla and I love to spend time outdoors to run and take walks, but we also love to stare out the window to see what...

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