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Pope: Humanity ‘falls down same hole twice’



VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has said that humanity is repeating the mistakes of the past by erecting new walls in an interview with Mexican broadcaster Televisa.
“We’ve already had one, the Berlin Wall, which gave us so many headaches and suffering,” the pope said.
“It seems to me that man does what animals don’t do. Man is the only animal who falls down the same hole twice. We do the same things again,” he said. “Whoever builds walls ends up a prisoner of the walls he builds … Instead, those who build bridges make friends, shake hands, even if they stay on the other side.”
The pope also bemoaned the plight of women. He said that “women are still in second place” in society and often that this can mean “to be the object of slavery,” giving the example of women who are forced in prostitution and murdered. IAH

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