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Pompeii’s House of Ceres and Maiuri horse reopen


NAPOLI – The skeleton of a horse and the House of Ceres are two new important things for Pompeii visitors to see.

On June 14, the House of Ceres reopened to the public after restoration of its decorations, mosaic flooring, and garden with its fields of grains of various types connected with the worship of Ceres.

The home owes its name to the terracotta bust of the goddess Ceres, a divinity of the Earth and fertility and protector of harvests, which was found in one of the open areas of the atrium and probably part of the furnishings of a small domestic place of worship. The domus also underwent improvement works, with artistic lighting installed along the visitors’ path for decorative elements as well as the building of a walkway between the atrium and the displays in glass cases of objects found in the home.

Along the same Via di Castricio, onto which the home faces, visitors can once again see in an area across the road the skeleton of a horse that was found in 1983 by Amedeo Maiuri, after restoration and placement in a more scientifically correct position and in a climate necessary for the protection of the horse.

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