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Parliament hangs in balance in 2022 snap election


Voters will cast their ballots for the renewal of the Italian Parliament in a snap election Sept. 25. The election is the latest step in the 2022 parliamentary crisis that has included the resignation of former prime minister Guiseppe Conti on July 14, followed a week later by the dissolution of the government and the resignation of prime minster Mario Draghi. Italian president Sergio Mattarella initially rejected Draghi’s resignation, only accepting it after calling for a snap election and asking Draghi to remain in place as caretaker prime minister. For this year’s snap election, Italians who are living abroad and registered with AIRE will receive their ballots during the first week of September. Ballots must be returned to their local consulate before 4 p.m. on Sept. 22. In a recent statement about election security, Cristiana Mele, the consulate general of Italy for Philadelphia region, reminded voters that it is against the law to share their ballots with anyone.

“Elections are always a fundamental moment for any democratic system,” she said. “Constitutional principles establish the secrecy of the vote and the obligation to vote individually and only once, without sharing or transferring electoral material to third parties. The electoral law ensures that violations of these provisions will be prosecuted as a crime.” Learn more about the snap election by visiting www.consfiladelfia.esteri.it or calling the consulate at (215) 592-1219.

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