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Norristown Italian-American groups share plans


Al DeGennaro, chapter president of Americans of Italian Heritage Council Inc., hosted a gathering of local Italian-American organizations on June 15 to they could share their plans for upcoming events.

Representatives came from Christopher Columbus Monument in Elmwood Park, the Mount Carmel Club in Plymouth Meeting, the Holy Saviour Parish and Savior Hall in Norristown.

Seated, from left: Joe Giannetti, Americans of Italian Heritage Council; Jackie Venezia, Venezia Meats; Bernadette Wesler, Valley Forge Lodge 1776 Sons & Daughters of Italy; Al DeGennaro, Americans of Italian Heritage Council; Barbara Zippi-Och, Italian American Herald; Cesare Gambon, Holy Saviour Club. Standing, from left: Frank Caiola, Americans of Italian Heritage Council, Dave Carpani, MSS; Richard Catanese, MSS; Jim Serratore, Holy Saviour Club; Butch Venezia, MSS and Americans of Italian Heritage Council; Louis Barbone, VF Lodge 1776 Sons and Daughters of Italy; Francis Recchuiti, VF Lodge 1776 Sons & Daughters of Italy; Mike Vernacchio, Mount Carmel Club; Russel Bono, Americans of Italian Heritage Council; Paul Piantone, Americans of Italian Heritage Council. Not pictured: Jim Catagnus MSS; Cesare Gambone, Regional Association of Campania. Not pictured: Jim Catagnus MSS, Cesare Gambone, Regional Association of Campania

The organizations individually hold their main events in July and August with a Mass, street procession and celebration of food and fun. The purpose of the events is to celebrate the principal places in Italy of their descendants. The gathering was held at J.P. Mascaro & Sons headquarters, where DeGenarro is deputy general counsel.

The IAH met with Norristown region of Italian American leaders on working together to celebrate Italian heritage, culture and traditions. As generations are changing so is their membership. Holding many events through the year, IAH wants to help spread the word for the ‘next generation.’

July 20-21 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Patroness of Casalduni and Benevento, Mount Carmel Club, Ridge Pike. Aug. 9-11 – Santissimo Salvatore,
The Holy Saviour Patron of Montella in Campania, on the grounds of the Holy Saviour Club, Main Street. Aug. 18 – Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca, patroness of Sciacca in Sicily, Savior Hall, Walnut and Airy streets. Oct. 10 – Columbus Golf and Bocce Tourney, Americans of Italian Heritage Council, Bellewood Golf Club. Oct. 12 – Christopher Columbus Monument near the Elmwood Zoo in Elmwood Park. Annual ceremony.

Leaders of Italian-American community organizations interested in a representative from the Italian-American Herald attending their gatherings are invited to contact associate publisher Barbara Ann Zippi at ciaobellalivingitalianstyle@gmail.com.

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