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New generation of producers focuses on boosting Abruzzo tourism


Wine Enthusiasts magazine recognized Abruzzo as the 2022 Wine Region of the Year.

Today a new generation of winemakers has emerged. Their vision, different from that of their ancestors, is improving sustainability combined with entrepreneurial spirit. The Abruzzo Wine Tourism Movement in Loreto Aprutino, Italy, recently held a special program titled Enoturismo Abruzzo for wine producers with a focus on developing an increase in wine tourism for the Abruzzo region.

From left: Angelo Radica, president of Città del Vino; Antonella Di Martile, Assessore di Loreto Aprutino; Nicola D’Auria, president of Wine Tourism Movement; Roberta Garibaldi, international wine tourism expert; Paolo Morbidoni, president of Strade del Vino; and Fausto Di Nella, director of Abruzzo Wine Tourism Movement. | MARA SANTOVITO PHOTO

The keynote speaker, University of Bergamo professor Roberta Garibaldi, spoke to over 100 in attendance interested in hearing statistics of the wine industry in the Northern sectors of Italy in the wine tourism industry, with a focus on Americans visitors coming to Italy.

The Abruzzo Wine Tourism Movement, founded in 1997, represents more than 50 wineries committed to the growth of the culture of hospitality of the Abruzzo wineries in order to make the Green Region of Europe more attractive for wine tourism.

With travel starting to open up after the pandemic, Abruzzo wine producers listened intently on how to increase wine tourism to the Abruzzo region of Italy for their unique Wine Cellar Trails.

The organization has hosted various events and programs at wine tastings and various vineyards, including its Wine Train Tours, where attendees get off at each station to taste the best Abruzzo wines paired with typical local products. This event features traveling on historic railways, with vineyard owners climbing aboard to tell about their wines, their cellars and their territories of origin.

To learn more about the organization and the wine producers of Abruzzo, visit www.mtvabruzzo. it or follow them on Instagram: @mtvabruzzo.

Barbara Ann Zippi

Associate Publisher

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