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Le parole d’estate – the words of summer


Both of us are very curious pups. Although non possiamo parlare (non po-see-amo par-lar-a) we can’t speak like humans, mamma knows that we love to explore and learn about il mondo (eel mon-do) the world around us. When she speaks to us, she always explains things to us in English and then Italian. She loves her eredità italiana (air ed-e-ta) Italian heritage and wants us to be bilingual too! È estate (a es-ta-tay) It’s summer e fa caldo (a fa cal-do) and it’s hot. That means we need to find ways to keep cool. She and papà just bought us una piscina (oon-a pee-she-na) a pool so we can cool off after we take a long walk or run around the yard. È così divertente (a ko-zee dee-vair-tent-a) It is so much fun sguazzare nell’acqua (sk-waz-zar-a nel ah-kwa) to splash in the water! Then mamma has to take il tubo flessibile (eel two-bow fl es-see-bee-lay) the hose per ricaricare (pair ree-car-e-car-a) to refill the pool.

The two of us cool off on the porch.

Another great way to stay cool is to eat gelato (gel-ah-toe) ice cream. This is by far our favorite treat! Our second favorite is when mamma puts ghiaccio (gee-ah-choe) in a water bowl and we bob for ice like people bob for apples at Halloween. Darla is very dainty when she tries to get her ice, but I like to attack the ice cubes. When I do that, I can make le bolle (lay bowl-lay) bubbles! We also like to watch i bambini (e bam-bee-knee) blow bubbles with wands when we are at the park. We wish mamma or papa would do that for us so we could chase them! Inside our house we have many toys to play with. We run around and play tug of war and then will sit nel sole (nel sol-a) in the sun near the window so we can look outside to make sure no rabbits are running through our grass. If we could andare fuori (an-dar-a foo-war-ee) go outside on our own, we would chase them away!

If it is very hot inside mamma will accendere il condizionatore (ah-chen-dair-a eel cone-dee-zee-on-ah-tor-a) turn on the air conditioner or if it’s just un po’ caldo (oon poe cal-doh) a bit warm, lei accende il ventilatore (lay ah-chen-day eel ven-tee-la-tor-a) she turns on the fan.

At night, quando è più fresco (kwan-do a pew fres-koh) when it is cooler, andiamo fuori a sederci e godere l’aria fresca (an-dee-ah-mo foo-war-ee ah seh-dair-chee a go-dare-a la ah-ree-a fres-kah). These are some of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer heat while we continue to play both at home and away. Ti auguriamo una fantastica estate! (Tee aw-gor-e-amo oon-ah fan-tas-tea-ka a-sta-tay). We wish you a great summer!

There is so much we are learning every day!

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