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La Stazione Ferroviara di Frosinone


By Melissa Cannavo-Marino
Ah, la stazione! (the train station). Adoro questo posto (I love this place). Ci sono tanti odori buoni (there are lots of good smells) from il bar where they sell dolci (sweets), of course you know my favorite are the cornetti (a croissant often filled with different creams). And ci sono tante gente (there are lots of people) to give me coccoli (cuddles).
I am here quasi tutti I giorni (almost every day) when nonna or mamma go off to Roma for scuola (school) or lavoro (work). Sometimes I get to ride on the train too!
It is here we take trips to other towns or head to the aeroporto when it’s time to fly to the U.S. to visit i nostri parenti in America (Our relatives in America).
The people at l’edicola (the newsstand) always let me climb across the counter so they can say hello when mamma or nonna buy un giornale (a newspaper) or una rivista (a magazine). I pendolari (the commuters) always smile when they see me. One time when nonna was holding me as we waited for mamma to get off the train I even got to give un bacio (a kiss) to an unsuspecting ragazza (girl) who got too close to me. Nonna laughed. Meno male (thank goodness) she wasn’t arrabiata (mad).
Sono triste quando piove (I am sad when it rains) because we have to wait in la macchina (the car) but most days are soleggiati (sunny) and we walk and wait on la piattaforma del treno (the train platform) until we hear the whistle of il treno and I know someone I love is leaving or better yet coming home!
Next time I’ll hop on the train with you and take you on un viaggio (a trip) to one of the many beautiful places in Italia! IAH

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