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La mia casa nuova


By Maverick Cannavo

Non mi ricordo (non me ree-cord-oh) I don’t remember much of the weeks after I was born but I do remember when they took me away from my mamma and I ended up in a rifugio per cani (ree-few-g-oh pair cah-knee) a dog shelter with by brothers and sisters. Era spaventoso perchè (air-ah spa-ven-toe-so pair-k) there were many dogs and puppies barking and crying. Then several people came and picked me up and put me in a car. The trip was very long. When we arrived, I was placed in a foster home.

One day in June my foster mamma put me inside of una borsa da portare (oon-ah bore-sa da por-tar-a) a carry bag and took me to a festa italiana (fes-tah- e-tal-e ah-na) an Italian festival. She stopped by a donation table for cavalli (cah-val-e) horses. The lady at the table asked to hold me and then another young woman came up and looked at me. She didn’t hold me right away but when she did I tucked my head under her neck and then cominciai a baciarle il viso (koh-min-chee-ay ah bah-char-lay) I began to kiss her face. At that moment I knew I wanted her to be my new mamma. Quella sera (kwel-ah sair-ah) That night she filled out papers to adopt me.

The next day my foster mamma took me to work and set my bed next to her desk. A while later she picked me up and said, “Today you are going to your new home.” Outside I saw the lady from the donation table and her husband. They put me into another car and cuddled me before driving away.

At their house they put me in the yard where I could potty. Then I took another pisolino (pee-so-lee-no) nap. I heard a voice calling my name and opened my eyes. It was my new mamma! Che gioia! (k joya) What joy! Then it was back in the car with my mamma and nonna. We went to a pet store, and they bought me un nuovo letto (oon new-o-vo let-toe) a new bed and new toys. The bed was molto morbido (mol-toe more-bee-do) very soft. When we got back to nonna’s house I played with my toys.

The next day mamma took me to her office, and I met i suoi colleghi (e sue-e coal-leg-ee) her coworkers. Then I was in another car and mamma told me we were going to my new forever home. She put my bed in a big container so I would be safe. Ho dormito per tutto il viaggio. (o door-me-toe pair two-toe eel vee-a-joe).

It was dark when we arrived at my new home, but mamma played with me a bit and then tucked me in bed with her. I was sleeping soundly when I heard a deep voice say, “Ciao Maverick.” When I opened my eyes there was my new daddy.

I hope you learn new words and expressions in Italian as I tell you all about my new life!





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