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January reflections: Things we remember and hope for the year to come


By Melissa Cannavo Marino as told by Maverick and Darla

Il Natale è arrivato e passato (eel Nah-tal-a a pah-sa-toe) Christmas has come and gone and now it is un anno nuovo (oon ah-no new-o-vo) a new year. It’s very cold outside and we are un po’ triste (oon po tree-stay) a little sad because we love being outside. We have a big tug rope and we both grab a side and run all over the yard trying to pull it away from each other. We love to play with it but now we can’t spend as much time outside. Non mi piace (non me pea-ah-chay) I don’t like the cold because I don’t have much pelliccia (pel-e-cha) fur, but Darla doesn’t mind because she has a thick coat of fur.

At night when we come inside, we love to lay on the floor near il caminetto (eel cah-me-net-o) the fireplace and warm up! While we are dozing stiamo sognando (stee-ah-mo son-yando) we are dreaming of the places we went last year and the things we hope for the new year.

Last year we had so much fun taking walks near our house, in the local park and across the Gettysburg battlefield. We often got treated to ice cream, we had many play dates, and visited i nostril nonni (e no-stree no-knee) our grandparents. At Christmas time we loved our trips to see beautiful light displays.

Mamma told us the new year is a time to be grateful for things that happened last year but to also make New Year’s resolutions. We have no idea what those are, but it sounds like a lot of work. Papa explained those are things you want to change about yourself.

So here are my resolutions! I will try not avere paura (ah-vair a pow-or-ah) to be so afraid of rumori forte (roo-more a for-tay) loud noises, things with wheels and getting my nails cut. Darla says she will try not to pull my collar off my neck. Both of us agreed that we need to stop taking up the entire couch and to stop dripping acqua (ah-kwa) water all over the kitchen floor when we get drinks.

We both decided that this year we won’t fight over who will win the Puppy Bowl. This is a show we love to watch that takes place when the Super Bowl is played. It helps to showcase pups for adoption, even some with special needs. There are due squadre (do-a skwa-dray) two teams, one is Team Ruff, and the other is Team Fluff. Since I am a little ruff and Darla is more fluff, we always disagree!

Finally, we are also hoping all animals across the world will find safe homes, people will be kind to them, and more people will volunteer to become foster parents to help those animals waiting for a furever home.

We also hope there are lots of sunny days this month so we can go outside to play!

Auguriamo a tutti un Buon Anno! We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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