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Italy’s life expectancy 83.86 years; among highest in the world


ROME – Among Western EU countries, Italy has a much longer life expectancy compared to most other countries of Western Europe, except for the UK and Germany, which are almost ranked as high as Italy. The average life expectancy in Italy in 2022 was 83.86 years, a .17 percent increase over the previous year.

This conclusion is based on several factors. The health-care system, which is free of charge and universal, is overall of good quality. The Italian eating style in Italy is more nutritionally balanced vs., for example, the United States, Britain, and Germany. Lifestyle may also play a role in Italian life expectancy. Italians also tend to care for their elderly, and elders are seldom subjected to loneliness than, for example, Germany. Also, despite their love of wine, Italians on average tend to not be heavy drinkers.

The medical journal Lancet reported that eating habits play a key role when it comes to Italians and longevity, since a large part of the population can easily bring fresh and healthy food to the table. Genetics are also credited with Italy’s life expectancy. It lies in one of the five world’s ‘blue zones,’ areas where longevity is significantly higher than average, particularly in Sardinia. Finally, Italy is a developed country; there-fore, the overall hygienic conditions are good.

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