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Fuori al parco! Outside to the park!


The weather is warming up and it’s time to go outside and explore. Many towns and cities have community parks, and each state has its own parks which offer a number of activities for both people and pups! Then there are our national parks, which have been preserved for everyone to explore and enjoy. Now that the weather is nicer we can all go outside and enjoy a park. We’ll tell you what we like best about parks, and also some Italian words that are associated with them.

We love to play outside in our yard, but we also enjoy going to our local park. Sometimes mamma and papà will take us to our local park. It has lots of erba verde (air-ba vair-day) green grass with percorsi (pair-cor-see) paths where we can walk and run. There is una piccola insenatura (oon-ah pea-ko-la een-sen-a-tour-ah) a small creek where we stop to look for le rane (lay rah-nay) frogs. The park also has un terreno di giocho (oon tair-a-no d gyo-co) a playground with un scivolo (oon shi-vo-lo) a slide, le altalene (lay al-ta-lay-nay) swings, and le barre delle scimmie (lay bar-ray del-lay shi-me-a) monkey bars. Some parks also have climbing rocks and other playground equipment.

Un parco statale (oon par-ko sta-tal-a) a state park not only has paths for walking and biking but often offers attività (ah-tee-vee-ta) activities such as boating and fi shing. Sometimes you can even girare a cavallo (jeer-r-a ah ca-val-o) ride horses.

Un parco nazionale (oon par-ko na-zee-o-nal-a), a national park, is a very large area of land that may include water. These are areas that aim to protect the natural environment. They also offer recreation and many of them have one-of-a-kind geologic features. Old Faithful, a large water cone geyser, is a popular attraction at Yellowstone National Park. Some national parks were founded to protect historic sites and buildings such as the Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, which is home to the site where the Declaration of Independence was signed and also the Liberty Bell.

When there is a nice day and mamma and papà are not working, we often go to our nearest national park which is the Gettysburg National Military Park. There was an important battle there in 1863, and it is also the place where President Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg address. There are many monuments in the park and also museums. There are also cemeteries of soldiers. We are allowed to visit if we are on our leashes, and we love to explore all the paths in the open areas and in the woods. There are many animals and birds and of course amphibians that live in the waterways. We always watch out for i serpenti (e sir-pen-tee) snakes because we know mamma does not like them! We often see people in groups riding on i cavalli (e ca-va-lee) horses. The best part of visiting this park is that after we are done we get to go to our favorite ice cream place for pup cups.

We hope you get to enjoy a park near you soon!

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