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Entirely black cast of ‘Autumn Beat’ is a first in Italian film


From left: Consulate General Christana Mele, film director Antonio Distefano and Flavia Loreto.

On the occasion of Black History Month and in cooperation with the African American Museum and the Italian Profession-als in Philadelphia, the General Consulate of Italy in Philadelphia in February presented the movie “Autumn Beat.”

The movie tells the story of two 20-year-old brothers, Tito and Paco, who dream of breaking into the rap music world.

Directed by Italian-Angolan Antonio Dikele Distefano and produced by Amazon Prime Video, “Autumn Beat” has an exciting story about black culture in Italy and the role and power of music as a means of redemp-tion and search for identity. The film has a well written screenplay, very good actors and an extraordinary soundtrack.

The movie tells the story of two 20-year-old brothers, Tito and Paco, who grew up in Milan and have the same dream: to break into the rap music world. Paco is a born performer and Tito writes like no one else in his generation. They seem destined for success. However, despite their efforts to stick together, ambition, betrayal, and their love for the same woman threaten to split them apart forever. “Autumn Beat” is the first Italian movie with a completely black cast.

“Autumn Beat” can now be watched on Amazon Prime.

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