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Draghi credits vaccines in progress against COVID


Italian Premier Mario Draghi (seated) consults with Matteo Salvini during the summit.


ROME – Premier Mario Draghi said that the end of the COVID-19 emergency was now within sight thanks to vaccines.

“We have now given more than 6 billion vaccine doses throughout the world,” Draghi said via video link during October’s Group of 20 Leaders’ Summit 2021. “Our combined efforts have helped us to keep the pandemic under control in many countries and give us the hope that its end is finally within sight.”

Draghi also tackled the issue of vaccine equity.

“We must address protectionism of health products,” he said. “This is essential to ensure we have the instruments with which to combat this pandemic and prevent future ones. We must defend the free circulation of vaccines and the raw materials necessary to produce them.”

Draghi talked about the climate crisis, too. “Companies and firms must cooperate to address climate change,” the premier said.

“The G20 countries are responsible for 75 percent of global emissions. We need private funding on a large scale along with greater public investments to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon-emissions economy.”

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