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Dogs enjoy la dolce vita in Italy


By Melissa Cannavo and Sara

When I lived in Italy, I went almost everywhere with my family. Not just outside for walks, but into i negozi (e ne-go-zee) the stores, alla spiaggia (a-la spee-ah-ja) to the beach, to hotels and to many other fun places. I wasn’t allowed inside churches and some other tourist sites, and I was not allowed to go with mamma when she went to a commercial mall. But most of the time Italy was dog friendly and I took frequent fun trips with mamma and the rest of my family.

I loved taking trips in the car, but I also loved the train. Car trips were great because I could rest in the back seat or sit on someone’s lap and look out the window. Mamma always marveled at how I knew we were close to home. Even if I was dormendo (door-men-doh) sleeping I would pop up, rest le mie zampe (lay me-a zahm-pay) my paws on the window frame and start piagnucolando (pee-ahn-u-ko-lan-doe) whining. I also liked the train because there were always people who fussed over me. I traveled quite a bit by plane. I didn’t enjoy that as much because even though I was inside the plane with mamma I wasn’t allowed out of my carry case. Mi è piaciuto molto trottare (Me a pee-ah-chew-toe mole-toe tro-tar-a) I loved trotting through the airport. I even took a ride once in the Frankfurt airport on a big golf cart because we were late for our next plane.

Of course, before I could fly, I would go to the vet and have her update my tessera sanitaria (tess-air-ah sahn-e-tar-e-ah) health card. I even had my own passport to travel. Overall, I always enjoyed my plane trips because it meant we were going to visit family in the states.

I stayed in many hotels across Italy. I always slept in a comfy letto (let-toe) bed with mamma. Restaurants were friendly to me, too. When it was warm, we would sit outside, and I would drink fresh water and eat tasty pasta. There was one restaurant in Rome that would allow me inside. We went there often.

Another place I was able to visit was Pompeii. Our family took a trip there one summer on the way to Sicily and my uncle carried me around the ruins on his shoulders. And when I went to Pisa, I visited la Torre Pendente (la Tor-a Pen-dent-a) the Leaning Tower and took a picture with mamma.

Wherever I went, mamma always had food for me and a special water bowl so I wouldn’t be thirsty.

Wherever we were, visits to a gelateria were a must. They offered me my own cup of ice cream and mamma would ask them to include whipped cream.

Italy today has more places that offer lodging to dogs and restaurants that allow fur babies to be with their parents. Many beaches are pup friendly, too! I am happy that many of my fellow cani (cahn-e) dogs can stay with their families when they are on a trip.

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