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Cosa c’è nel bosco? What’s in the woods?


Darla and I love to spend time outdoors to run and take walks, but we also love to stare out the window to see what animals are invading our territory. Qui dove abitiamo e molto rurale (kwee do-vay ah-bee-tee-ah-mo a mol-toe roar-al-a) Here where we live it is very rural so there are acres of woods. Per lo piu (pair low pew) For the most part we see deer and groundhogs and birds, but we know there are other animals roaming outside.

We would like to share with you the names of these animals in Italian and tell you more about them!

We see i cervi (e chair-vee) deer quite a bit from the windows and we always bark to tell them to leave! One day we were annusando (ah-new-san-doe) sniffing around the back porch and we saw a few rospi (ro-spee) toads but when we went closer sono saltati via (so-no sal-ta-tee vee-a) they hopped away.

We love chasing gli uccelli (yee oo-chel-e) birds when we go out and they wake us up with their singing early in the morning. There are many large birds in our fields like the falco dalla coda rossa (fal-koe del-la coe-da ro-sa) red-tailed hawk and avvoltoi (ah-vol-toy) vultures. Mamma told me she was very careful when I was a puppy, so they did not try and carry me away. One night we heard strange noises from outside and we learned it was un guffo (oon goo-fo) an owl.

Both mamma and papà told us they still need to be careful when we are outside because there are also orsi neri (or-see nair-a) black bears, coyotes, volpi (vole-pee) fox, procioni (pro-cho-knee) racoons and puzzole (poo-zo-lay) skunks. By the way, the word puzzola in English means something that stinks! I hope we hope we never get sprayed by a skunk because that would mean we would have to get a tomato bath! We would probably try to make friends with the fox or coyote since they are our distant cousins, but they might not be so nice to us.

We also have very large marmote (mar-mo-tay) groundhogs, which papà is trying to relocate. They have already broken pipes on our pool and are digging holes in the field and breaking the floor in our shed. They really have big teeth!

So, you can see why we have to protect our home by trying to scare away animals that come to close to our house.

Just a few weeks ago, Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania who is named after the town where he lives, was taken from his burrow. Everyone waits to see if he will see his shadow which by tradition means we will have six more weeks of winter. His handlers claimed this year he did “see” his shadow but, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information, he has only been correct 40 percent of the time over the past few years.

We hope he is wrong because we can’t wait for primavera (pree-ma-vair-a) spring!

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