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Benvenuto Maverick!


This month Sara would like to introduce you to her new baby brother Maverick. Anche lui (an-kay lou-e) was abbandonato (a ban-do-na-to) abandoned like she was many years ago. It was a beautiful sunny day this past June at the Italian Festival and tutte le persone (two-tay-lay pair-so-nay) all the people were enjoying la musica, il cibo (eel chee-bo) food ed I giochi (ed e jo-key) games. Mamma was sul palco (sool pal-ko) on the stage introducing people and nonna was helping to raccogliere (ra-kol-yair-a) donations to help treat a sick horse. (Mamma also works with a horse rescue!)

I was watching over her from a beautiful place where I now live after I crossed the rainbow bridge. I am happy here with my brother Spoodi and sister Addy, but I know mamma and papà and my family miss me very much.

Even though I knew mamma e papà would someday bring another fur baby into their family, today was the day I had to help that happen when I saw Maverick. Lui era un cucciolo piccolo di solo otto settimane. (Lou-e air-ah oon coo-cho-low d sol-oh oh-toe set-e-mahn-a). He was a little 8-week-old puppy who had been rescued from a shelter. He was living with a foster family but needed a forever family. I saw his foster mamma walk up to the donation table and I saw my mamma run over there for some acqua (ah-kwa) water.

Nonna saw Maverick first and asked to hold him. He wanted abbracci (ah-bra-chee) from everyone and was giving them baci
(bah-chee) kisses. Mamma did not want to hold him at first. I think she was afraid she wasn’t ready to love another fur baby but I knew she and papà were full of amore (ah-more-a) love and that Maverick needed them. She finally picked him up. Lui era rannicchiato (lou-e air-ah rah-knee-key-ah-toe) he was snuggled very close to her and I saw her cuore (coo-or-a) heart open wide to love him.

I was very happy because I knew he had found una casa (oon-ah-cah-sa) a home where he would be safe and loved for many years just like me.

Mamma took him home with her the next day where he met his papà. Now he will get to tell you about all his adventures as I have for these past years. While I lived in a city and then the suburbs Maverick is living in the countryside. He has so much to explore and I know you will enjoy his avventure (ah-ven-tor-a) adventures and continue to learn Italian through his stories. Amore per sempre (amor-a pair sem-pray) Love always, Sara.

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