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Ardmore author Linda Romanowski wins publisher’s prize for nonfiction


ARDMORE, Pa. – Ardmore author Linda Romanowski has received the 2023 Sunny Award for Nonfiction from her publisher, Sunbury Press, for her 2023 book “Final Touchstones.”

Linda Romanowski’s family memoir chronicles four brothers leaving Sicily in the early 1900s.

The memoir chronicles four brothers leaving Sicily for America in the early 1900s. Rather than present her family history  as a linear historical narrative, Romanowski arranged it into evocative vignettes that offer sensory glimpses into that rich saga, like moments in time caught in a camera flash.

Romanowski said she was “overjoyed and astonished” to win the award, adding that she’s been delighted by the response from readers. 

“It amazes me how people will tell me how much they enjoyed my book, and then share a personal story. It is wonderfully gratifying, as my ‘mission’ is accomplished,” she said. “My response to them is, ‘That’s wonderful, write your stories down, and ask questions of anyone in your family who is still alive who can provide answers.’ ’’

Since her book was published, Romanowski has kept busy with readings, book fairs and smaller projects, and also given presentations to writing classes at Rosemont College. She was a graduate student at Rosemont when she had the epiphany to tell her family saga in a series of vignettes. Rosemont was also the site of her book launch in February 2023.

Romanowski said she’s exploring ideas for a follow-up to “Final Touchstones.”

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