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Alla fattoria!


By Melissa Cannavo-Marino and Sara

When I used to go on trips with mamma and nonna to see una nuova città in Italia (to see a new city in Italy), I often looked out the window to see le colline, le montagne o il mare (the hills, mountains or the sea). Un giorno, viaggiando a Pisa, (one day, traveling to Pisa), we saw a sign for a farm we could visit. We could even stay there on vacation if we wanted! The idea of staying at a working farm or agriturismo e` molto popolare in Italia. Many families do this in the summer to get out of the hot cities and to show i bambini (children) what it’s like to live on a farm. The word for farm in Italian is fattoria! We stopped by a farm to check it out for another trip and I learned lots of new parole (words)!

See if you can match the words in Italian to the English. Then have fun coloring la fattoria!

  1. Il trattore
  2. Il fienele
  3. Lo spaventapasseri
  4. Il maiale
  5. La gallina
  6. Il gatto
  7. La mucca
  8. I pulcini
  9. Il topo
  10. L’anatra
  11. Il gallo
  12. Il verme
  13. L’agnello

A. The cow
B. The rooster
C. The chicks
D. The mouse
E. The barn
F. The duck
G. The scarecrow
H. The pig
I. The worm
J. The tractor
K. The lamb
L. The hen
M. The cat

Risposte: 1. J. 2. E. 3. G. 4. H. 5. L. 6. M. 7. A. 8. C. 9. D. 10. F. 11. B. 12. I. 13. K.

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