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A fare le spesse! Time to go shopping!


Maverick shopping

I have had many wonderful experiences in the brief time since I moved in with my new mamma and papa. I am almost always with Mamma except when she volunteers at the horse rescue. She and Papa take me almost everywhere they go. Once of my favorite things is to go shopping with Mamma. There are many stores nearby and I am benvenuto (ben-ven-oo-toe) welcome in some but not in others.

One place I can’t go into is the gran supermercato (gran-sue-pair-mare-ka-toe) the big supermarket. I also can’t go into un centro commerciale (oon chen-tro ko-mare-cha-lay) a big commercial center. I must stay at home when Mamma shops in those places. But I can go to un negozio di ferramenta (oon nay-go-zee-o d fair-ah-ment-o) a hardware store and we go there a lot! They know me by name and will even give me un trattamento per cani (oon trat-a-men-toe pair ka-knee) a dog treat when we check out. Mamma goes there to buys things for the house. I try to help her fix things sometimes. One day she put in a doorstopper, and I made it a toy by hitting it back and for with la mia zampa (la me-ya zam-pa) my paw.

One day we went to a un mercato degli agricoltori (mare-ka-toe deh-yee ah-gree-kol-tor-e) a farmers’ market to buy verdure fresche e frutta (vair-door-a fres-kay a froo-ta) fresh greens and fruit. I was still little so Mamma held me because there was a big crowd. Mamma bought some miele (me-l-a) honey, alcune mele (al-koon-a mel-a) some apples and alcune arance (al-koon-a a-rahn-chay) some oranges. There was a band playing and people also selling homemade crafts.

We also go to a store where mamma buys stuff like cleaning products, fazzoletti (fa-zo let-tee) tissues and shampoo. None of this is very interesting for me but I like riding in the cart. One day mamma bought a special shampoo for dogs, and I had my first bath. I liked splashing nella vasca grande (nel-la va-ska gran-day) in the big tub!

Then one day mamma told me she was going shopping, but she didn’t leave the house. That is when I learned you can buy things from the big screen she has on her desk. A few days later I started barking when I saw a man in a truck bringing scatole (ska-toe-lay) boxes to the house. Mamma let me help her open
them because they were presents for me! She bought me a bigger bed perche sto crescendo rapidamente (pair-k sto cre-shen-do ra-pee-da-men-tay) because I am growing so quickly. There were also several new toys! Now I often look out la finestra (la fee-nes-tra) the window and wait for more boxes. Today I heard mamma talking about Natale (Nah-tal-a) Christmas. She told me I will get more gifts if I am a good boy. But I already know of the best gift ever. She is coming home to us this month. Her name is Darla, and she is la mia nuova sorella (la me-ya new-o-va sor-el-ah) my new sister!

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