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75th anniversary of falling of the monarchy draws near


Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia and his wife Marina Doria.


On June 2, Italy will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Italy, ending the 85 years as a monarchy known as the Kingdom of Italy. To this very day, people still wonder exactly what became of the royal family of Italy.

The Savoia Family was never exiled. Only the male direct descendants of the former king Vittorio Emanuele III were. Their wives and daughters were always able to move to Italy, and some lived here, as did the members of the Savoia family that were not directly in line to inherit the throne.

Today, the d’Aosta-Savoia family lives and owns property in Tuscany where they are known producers of quality wines.

The main branch of the family, headed by Vittorio Emanuele, had been exiled under a temporary disposition of the Italian constitution until 2002. While the Savoia family petitioned several times for this disposition to be removed, the behavior of Mr. di Savoia, with his frequent attempts to interfere with the Italian politics, usually by being involved in far-right groups, prevented them from being accepted. In 2002, the family was finally readmitted after him and his son Manuele Filiberto formally renounced the defunct Italian throne and publicly accepted Italy’s Republican constitution.

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